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Today's world is more connected and translated content is required for your business to thrive both domestically and internationally. But how do you know your documents are properly translated? How do you know that your translation supplier can meet all your needs and adjust quickly to your business's changing requirements?

Work with Megalexis for these reasons:

  • Large internal staff of certified and experienced professionals.
  • Ability to juggle multiple projects, multiple languages, tight timelines and a wide range of subject matter.
  • Accredited processes and procedures.
  • Translation services in over 100 language combinations.

Whatever your requirements, We commit to getting results.

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Host conferences, meetings, e-meetings, webinars and conference calls in multiple languages. We can render your spoken messages into other spoken languages always preserving the register and source meaning of the content. We provide what you need:

  • Interpretation equipment (booths and headsets)
  • Interpreters for the required language pairs.
  • Collateral marketing material translation (agendas, presentations, handouts, promotional announcements, etc.)

Communicate your ideas! Request an interpretation quote.

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Adaptation & Localization

Adaptation is typically required for advertising, slogans and tag lines. Make sure your brand messaging is effectively communicated in another language. We work with you to ensure your branding shines through your written material, and we won't stop until we get it right.

Localization has many definitions.

  • An interchangeable term for adaptation.
  • Making changes such as altering text, colours and graphics to reflect cultural differences in different regions.
  • Translation of software (GUI; manuals; etc.).

Megalexis has the expertise to review your requirements and determine if Adaptation or Localization is required. Before a project begins, we will ensure that expectations are clear.

Sell to your market. Sell to another market.

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Web and Social Media Translation

Our customers said: “If you could solve the problems of social media translation and adaptation, we would be so grateful!”

We listened and created a service for social media success.

Using the latest in human intelligence translation, our professional translators, Megalexis can help you cap your social media language costs.

Our unique web and social media package allows you to get all your posts translated immediately. Experience the convenience of one price and Megalexis’ reliable, prompt, and high-quality service. Your organization will be able to keep social media content up to date in French and English simultaneously.

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Desktop Publishing (DTP)

DTP projects require specialized software, skills and processes to allow the translated text to be formatted to match the source file. 

You should expect that the translation you receive matches the source file in format (i.e. InDesign; Illustrator; etc.) as well as content. Your final file should resemble the appearance of the source file as closely as possible, while taking into account the unique nature of each language. 

Did you know? English is a comparatively concise language. Spanish or French will run 20% to 30% longer than English. You need to think about space planning. Alternatively, languages such as Urdu and Arabic are written from right to left, which impacts the placement of all graphic elements in the file.

Yeah! It's complex and difficult. We know. At the end of the day, nothing is published without translation.

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Audio Transcription

Corporate videos, meeting recordings, and dictation files all need to be transcribed before translating or publishing them.

Regardless of languages spoken, if you need your content to be in written format, we will put it to text for you.

Come to Megalexis to get it done right.

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Does your business have its own lingo, idioms, or preferred words? Have you established your enterprise terminology plan to help frame content creation?

We can create, maintain, or manage your existing termbases. Our professional terminologists know what they are doing. 

Words don't matter, the right words matter.

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Avoid language issues so your message comes across clearly. A second set of eyes will catch errors and prevent embarrassment.

Turn to Megalexis revision services to review your text, correct errors and return a clear, concise document.

Trust Megalexis to deliver quality and value.

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Comparative Revision

Consider this: your stakeholders have made comments and suggestions about both the English and French versions of your document. But now, you have doubts...do both language versions say the same thing?

It can be challenging to make sense of it all. With our experience and proven procedures and tools, we can quickly compare the two versions (whether or not they have been translated, revised and corrected by us) and guarantee a precise correlation between both versions.

Publish with confidence. Have your documents revised.

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Going to print or publish online? One final review is never a waste. Proofreading is a crucial additional quality assurance step in the printing or virtual communications process. This is the point where graphic design, translation, revision and formatting all come together. It's your last chance to correct any errors or oversights.

We know the importance of high-visibility content.  Avoid embarrassing mistakes. Publish with confidence.

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Language Consulting

Need a communication-chain tweak? Whether you have to deal with document publication workflows, official policies, language laws, or criteria for hiring communications specialists, Megalexis offers expert proven consulting services.

We know how to help.

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On-Site Services at your Business

Ever need a translator on site for a special project using your custom software and systems? How about a project manager to give your marketing team a hand with a product launch?

In recent years, many companies have decided to outsource non-core services. Regardless of the reasons for outsourcing, you can rest assured that our experienced and qualified project managers and linguists become a seamless part of your team, helping you deliver a successful project.

Should it be required, we can outsource a project manager, a linguist or an entire linguistic team on site at your location to work directly and solely with you and/or your group on an ad-hoc or permanent basis.

Our actions speak louder than words!

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