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Our carefully selected professional team has vast experience in many areas of expertise. With the overlapping of industries, many of our translators have two, three, even four specialties.


From memos and annual reports to press releases, sales and marketing documents, legal documents and reports and presentations of any kind, Megalexis guarantees maximum quality, speedy turnaround and consistency in your texts.


Megalexis encourages partnerships. With this in mind, our team collaborates with your communications specialists to target your needs. We provide translation and revision services that follow your existing language guidelines (terminology and style) or we can create guidelines tailored to your requirements and oversee their application in your company. Whether you need long-term language management or a timely response in an emergency, you can count on Megalexis.


Make yourself heard and understood when you communicate in another language. There are different ways to translate and to speak. Megalexis will evaluate them all and choose the most effective one, without compromising the quality of your message, in line with your expectations and objectives.


Any good translator will tell you that it takes more than merely being bilingual to translate. Specialized university training, linguistic rigour, style and skill refinement as well as supervised professional development are the essential quality criteria that define a Megalexis translator.


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