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  Management System


Megalexis uses a workflow management system to process and monitor translation requests. This system also has a billing feature that allows us to maintain accurate data and create customized financial reports for our clients. The system can generate invoices in English or French, whichever the client prefers.


  Translation Memories


Megalexis uses translation memories to ensure that texts are consistently uniform, high quality and efficient. Each client's translation memory contains all of its previous translations which ensures file safety and is a safe form of redundancy.


  Document Management


Megalexis uses an automated document management system to store and access its clients’ files. Two case management software packages, Transflow and Flow, automatically track requests, employee workload and deadlines. Once we receive a file, it is given a number and indexed by month and work process stage. Files are processed solely on our servers and are never copied to any other computer format. The servers' content is backed up daily and stored in a secure, remote data warehouse.

  Reference Tools


Megalexis uses every available reference including previous versions of documents, client-specific vocabulary, glossaries of words or expressions to be avoided and wording from documents that are similar to the source text. Megalexis employees use Microsoft Office 2010. We also have Word Perfect and an HTML editor. PDF documents are extracted and delivered in Microsoft Word format or any other format the client prefers. The same applies to graphic files (jpeg, gif, etc.).




Your documents will be handled by professional and flexible translators and revisers who can communicate with you to assess your expectations and needs. The project management team keeps track of all estimates with you. Your project manager will be your ally throughout the translation process and can suggest innovative solutions even before we start working on your document.



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