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Unilingual Revision

Language has one hundred and one pitfalls, and our job is to recognize and avoid them. As a professional with an eye for detail, you are often required to write reports, presentations and letters. If writing takes all your time, you will have none left for revision and proofreading.


Turn to Megalexis’ revision services. We can revise your text, correct errors and return a clear, concise document.


Comparative Revision

Consider this: All the stakeholders have finished making comments and suggestions about the English and French versions of your document. But now, you have doubts...How identical are these two versions? Are they the same? Do they say the same thing?


Megalexis knows how difficult it can be for a company’s communications manager to make sense of it all. With our experience and proven procedures and tools, we can quickly compare versions (whether or not they have been translated, revised and corrected by us) and guarantee a precise correlation between both versions.


Ask for a free estimate for any document, publication or advertisement.