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Project Manager

If you enjoy solving puzzles by using tools and a proven methodology to achieve order and harmony, this is for you.

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Roxana Chiriac
Director, Project Management

Seriously. Cool. Professionals.

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Customer Culture

Your top priority is to satisfy your customers.


You enhance the image of your profession through your strong work ethic.


You pride yourself on attention to detail, communicate efficiently and deliver top-quality texts promptly.


You easily adapt to client and colleague needs with speed and agility.


You integrate with a team easily and participate fully in completing your projects.

Work at Our Offices

Easy commute. Plenty of services.

Montreal, QC

All you need is within walking distance.
  • Metro Station
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Banking

Skip the cold in winter and enjoy a delicious meal without leaving the building in one of the three indoor restaurants. Or, join your colleagues in our kitchen with a view on Mount Royal. Our office was Feng Shui designed with you in mind! Once the day is done, go to the gym, get massaged, meet up with friends at a nearby museum, or go see a movie and try out a new restaurant. Our central location helps ensure your work-life equilibrium.

If you live near Ottawa, you can also work at our second location in Gatineau (QC), Tessier Translations - Megalexis cmmunications inc.

This is our kitchen.

This is our kitchen.

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