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French is Quebec’s official language

Section 1 of the Charter of the French Language stipulates that "French is the official language of Quebec."

Yet, while the majority of companies that serve Quebecers fully comply with Section 5 of the Charter that states, “Consumers of goods and services have a right to be informed and served in French,” managing an office or department in Quebec can be quite a regulatory challenge, even for a Canadian company.

Our president, Ann Rutledge, is an experienced company francization advisor. Any company that intends to operate offices in Quebec can enlist her consulting services to:

  • lead an internal audit on the use of French within the company;
  • Present the resulting report to the Office québécois de la langue française (OQLF);
  • develop a francization program for the company with the OQLF;
  • develop a structure to support and promote the use of French in the workplace;
  • French IT resources,
  • recruiting, hiring and HR processes in French,
  • Communications, posting, and internal document policies in French,
  • Extend supplier relationships in French,
  • present triennial compliance reports to the OQLF.


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