We take a stand for customers who have great original content. We stand up for having your message broadcasted perfectly in every language and culture.  We object to "good enough" service. We stand up to poor word choices. We stand up to bad grammar and miss-used idioms. We stand up to software telling us what to think. 

We are different because we stand for quality. We believe that machine translation is a tool, not a solution. We believe humans still own language. We believe the human mind can convey the strongest messages. We believe customers deserve to have irreproachable content. We believe that every person, regardless of language, culture, sex, or religion, should be able to live every brand’s experience to the fullest. We believe there is value in the services we provide. We believe that you always get what you pay for. We believe professional translators are better than any tool. We believe that professionals have the know-how to deliver the best results.

We are fighting against the perception that good use of language is of low value, and thus should be cheap. We are against strictly feeding content into neural machine translation networks to get logical output. We are fighting against companies that believe content is just content. We are fighting against singular technology solutions to complex language problems.

We live in the words we see and hear. We love making sense of ideas. We love playing with words. We love the feeling of successfully conveying ideas into several languages. We love making communication possible.

We are Megalexis, Superior Language Services!

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