Lisanne Lawton

Vice-President, Finance and HR

Cybersecurity in Translation

We believe awareness is a critical component of any cybersecurity strategy.


COVID-19 has prompted a sudden transition to a yet to be known normality. We’re now more aware and compliant with many health and social practices intended to keep us safe. But as those measures take our reliance on technology to a record high for work, school, entertainment and other daily activities, cybersecurity becomes even more essential.

October is cybersecurity awareness month. We thought we would share Megalexis’ data and security safeguards with our clients, suppliers and followers.

Current infrastructure is the first step to locking down any risk when it comes to cybersecurity. At Megalexis, we have state of the art servers, network infrastructure, computer and telecommunications equipment, backed by a solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan, which includes high-tech network protection, daily backups and offsite redundancy. Do you have that where you work? We hope so.

In addition, Megalexis has developed a cybersecurity framework that includes proactive and reactive measures to avoid and repel phishing attacks and cyberattacks, maintain data integrity and prevent unauthorized access to and dissemination of data.


Our cybersecurity framework includes these 10 best practices:


  1. Access Controls:
    Our computers, software, network and offices are subject to physical and virtual access controls.
  2. Equipment Configuration and Maintenance:
    Our computers and network equipment, including routers and firewalls, are professionally installed, configured and maintained.
  3. Controlled User Lists:
    Our IT staff regularly updates whitelisted and blacklisted user lists, IP addresses and domains.
  4. User Permissions:
    In addition to selective access controls, authorized users are subject to compartmentalized permissions that apply to areas and functionalities.
  5. Antivirus Software:
    We have deployed professional-grade antivirus software, which is regularly updated to keep up with the latest virus and threat definitions.
  6. Scans and Operating System Updates:
    Megalexis regularly runs central and local vulnerability scans and operating system updates with the latest security patches.
  7. Workflow Management Platform Encryption:
    Our cloud-based workflow management platform has bank-grade security features and encryption for enhanced and safe data transfer (no need to rely on e-mail software for sensitive data or the transmission of large files).
  8. Code of Conduct:
    Megalexis has adopted the Electronic Industry Citizen Coalition (“EICC”) Code of Conduct.
  9. Publish Carefully:
    Do you want someone to think that you are __________ and that you have no __________ with ____________ your business. Before you publish anything check if your content is allowed to be distributed!
  10. Training and Awareness:
    Cybersecurity is part of Megalexis’ employee training program, which includes regular refresher training to keep current with constantly changing conditions and risks.


We can have the most secure systems in the world, but when you get down to it, the user is the weakest link. That crack is often exploited. That’s why cybersecurity education and awareness is critical.

As the frequency and complexity of cybersecurity threats increase, and as the severity of the consequences of cyberattacks for business and clients deepens, we strive to remain vigilant.

This post in intended to contribute to cybersecurity awareness while reassuring our clients, employees, suppliers and followers that, at Megalexis, cybersecurity remains a business priority, even though there was never any doubt about it.

These make for Superior Language Services. Projects are processed, translated and delivered in a safe, secure electronic environment.


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