Marc-André Robitaille

Director, Translation

A five-point look back over 2020

This is our blog to recap this year.

Huh? Yet another virus arises in a far-flung province of China. Although relations at the start of the year between the West and the Middle Kingdom were still lukewarm due to trade and legal disputes, we saw other viruses come and go. We can almost move on.

But within a few weeks, the pandemic hits us with full force and spreads at the speed of a brush fire. Although the virus may seem foreign to us and although, you’ll see, it will “hitch a ride” in our RNA, it will become embedded in the DNA of our companies.

Will we see them go through a long mutation? We think so, but the solid foundation of professionalism, flexible responsiveness, and the pursuit of excellence in any situation that a company finds itself in will ensure that it successfully evolves, which will benefit its clients as well.

Painstaking work, yes, but as a community

The pandemic clearly shows that the collective outcome will depend on individual efforts. Overnight, employees can no longer go to the office. A regime change? Yes and no. At Megalexis, our employees were already working from home two days a week. So, our secure technology infrastructure and our proven work methods enabled this new normal.

Translators are often compared to monks. They work alone on their documents, of course, but operate within a mutually supportive community…virtually now, but just as effective. Despite the bursting of his cell, the monk remains in solidarity with his wider community and faithful to his mission of quality. Megalexis ‑ 1, COVID-19 ‑ 0!

So, what do I do now?

What used to be a benefit becomes the work arrangement. That office chair at home is no longer as comfortable when sitting in it five days a week. The Internet connection that was suitable a few weeks ago suddenly becomes too slow… and the lockdown will be long!

Our valiant employees get prepared: they upgrade their equipment in order to be more productive… and comfortable. They honed their schedules to balance work and family. Timely indeed – the days get longer with the arrival of spring…and so do the working hours. Our clients need us more than ever: Megalexis is ready! The employees are on the job and better equipped, and the schedules have been adapted to meet the increased demand. Megalexis is steadfastly at the helm and helps its clients weather the storm. Megalexis ‑ 2, COVID-19 ‑ 0!

What has become of my friends?

More than ever, the workplace and the home environment must be inviting, safe places. Although our dynamic employees are missing the warm interactions among colleagues, this regime change will also enable them to find new ways to work together in order to deliver the impressive work that Megalexis is known for. Ad hoc meetings with their colleagues transitioned to chat sessions, video-conferences, phone calls, and even direct interactions on their mentees’ computer: our experts’ voice, knowledge and well-meaning interventions continue to accomplish their excellent work and create an atmosphere where everyone feels supported. Megalexis ‑ 3, COVID-19 ‑ 0!

Viruses and resilience

This pandemic has been catastrophic for massive portions of the global economy. Large businesses and small neighbourhood bistros alike have had to close. Others are struggling to survive, yet others have managed to reinvent themselves.

Time and these two pandemic waves have again shown the resilience of our employees. With the first wave, a crest of increased volume was awaiting Megalexis. Our firm successfully predicted the increased demand on its resources.

Already secure, redundant, and distributed across multiple locations on internal and cloud-based servers, our platform was stabilized and secured like never before by our technology team, who boosted the capacities. Megalexis ‑ 4, COVID-19 ‑ 0!

Those that file a balance sheet and those that file for bankruptcy

What can explain a company’s survival or even growth during this crisis? Is it their size? We doubt it, because large multinationals and micro-enterprises alike will bear the scars of this crisis for a long time to come.

Is it them being in the right place at the right time? Definitely not, as evidenced by the widespread layoffs in technology companies and other language services firms.

No, we believe that, on one hand, it lies in the loyalty of its customers who, more than ever, need a reliable supplier that is flexible and committed to excellence in the product and customer service and, on the other hand, the fact that said supplier continues to reinvent itself, while remaining faithful to its mission of quality… and without charging a crisis supplement. Megalexis ‑ 5, COVID-19 ‑ 0!


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