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Freelancing? Yes, but for a firm...

Why do freelance translators prefer to work for a single client?

According to various sources, the main reason is that a freelance translator gets to know his/her client’s terminology and style so well that his/her research time and frequency decrease, which enables him/her to accomplish even more work in less time and satisfy his/her client even more.

And why do many freelance translators prefer to deal with an agency or a translation firm?

Because a freelance translator with relevant knowledge in a specific field will most often receive projects for a particular client and, by reducing his/her research time and frequency that way, he/she will accomplish even more work in less time and satisfy the client and the firm even more.

Two different starting points, same end point.

Megalexis is looking for experienced legal translator-lawyers and legal translators to join its pool of freelancers who have that spark involving:

  • Almost manic attention to detail and thoroughness
  • Absolute neutrality in interpreting texts
  • Skill and subtlety in translating the projects assigned to them

If you previously worked in a law firm, for example, where you acquired the experience and that legal mind that we’re looking for; if you loved your work, but one day decided to opt for freelancing to be able to choose the texts that you are assigned and set your schedule based on your availability, then you are that rare gem that we’re hoping to find.

Some people agree that a freelance translator largely experiences periods of uncertainty… Excuse me? Whoever said that has certainly never done business with Megalexis!

Our freelance translators love:

  • The steady stream of projects that we offer them
  • Our project managers with outstanding…and reassuring skills

This is what you, too, will find at Megalexis. That’s a promise.


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