Lisanne Lawton

Vice-President, Finance and HR

Megalexis: A Commitment to Employee Well-Being and Safety

You’re looking for a job at a translation firm. You’ve checked the websites of some good companies, read through the job requirements, even studied the route between your home and your potential new workplace. But have you thought about how the employer would ensure your well-being and safety?

While job-seekers don’t often consider this, at Megalexis it is a top concern. For example, we have:

  • Ergonomic workstations with two large monitors you can position to suit your needs
  • Lots of windows to let natural light in
  • A gym membership corporate discount
  • A professional but casual work environment
  • Opportunities to work from home after a probation period
  • Dedicated workplace first responders
  • An evacuation plan and annual drill
  • A variety of “perks” (coffee and espresso machines, monthly bagel day, cake to celebrate employee birthdays every month, etc.)
Employee well-being and safety are of prime importance at Megalexis. Join our team!

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