Charles Lawton

Dear Customer: You Are a Key Player

If you are reading this blog, perhaps you are a translation enthusiast or perhaps you are already doing business with us or maybe you plan to do so in the near future. Either way, here are some tips and tricks for you.

A strong collaborative relationship between client and service provider is the foundation of any good business relationship. This is especially true in the translation industry: translators cannot deliver a high‑quality product without working closely with the client.

For the translation process to be as smooth and seamless as possible, the translator must be in the know about every aspect of the client’s organization or area of activity. Although the Internet has greatly simplified the translator’s task (no more endless hours of research in dictionaries and at the library!), there is still some information that can be difficult to track down.

In some cases, it is even impossible because certain terms might be used only in certain contexts. For example, specific in-house abbreviations, program names, processes or procedures might be used only by a specific group of people within a company or organization.

It is also very important to provide the translator with information about the background or context, the target audience and the appropriate level of language. Without these details, the translator could miss the target and, for example, mistakenly use an informal register in a document intended for senior executives.

Providing the translator with this information is critical if you want a high-quality translation tailored to the client. This will also prevent the need for a barrage of questions— an important factor to be considered in a world where time is practically an endangered resource.

The primary focus of any business is client satisfaction. Our organization is no exception. So if you choose do business with us, keep these tips and tricks in mind.

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