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Legal Translation: Who Can You Trust?

Don’t give your legal translations to just anyone—place them in qualified hands.

If your document has legal terms whose precise meanings are unclear to you, contains long and convoluted sentences, cites statutes or regulations, or has text only a lawyer or notary can decipher, take no chances—give it to a legal translator or lawyer-translator.

Let’s say you’ve dealt with the same generalist translator for years. Over time, this excellent translator has come to know your preferences, practices, products and services and delivers timely, high‑quality work. All goes well until the day you entrust him with one or more legal texts. Your translator has handled many complex texts over the years, so you believe he’ll do fine, even if the subject matter is legal. And that may be true. But how can you be sure?

Law is a vast and complex field—so complex, that even lawyers’ opinions often differ!

Do you think a general translator can handle the challenge and complexity of sophisticated legal texts—the very texts seasoned lawyers analyze for a living?

If your general translator confuses concepts or has an insufficient legal vocabulary, you’ll find out too late. You may need a lawyer to fix a problem with the document or—worse yet—end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Just as you would consult a legal professional on a matter of law, entrust your legal texts to a legal translator or a lawyer-translator. What’s the difference between the two?

Legal Translator

This professional translator holds a bachelor’s degree in translation, is preferably certified, and specializes in legal translation.


A lawyer-translator holds a Bachelor of Law degree, is preferably certified, and may also be a member of the Bar or the Chambre des notaires. Equipped with thorough knowledge of legal concepts and applicable laws and regulations, this translator can avoid conflicts of interpretation that can lead to costly lawsuits and proceedings, analyze your document like a lawyer, and find the precise English term for every French legal term—in short, she can render a high-quality legal translation that enhances your credibility and standing in the eyes of business partners.

Be like the legal professionals who leave nothing to chance. Give your legal documents to a legal translator or lawyer-translator!


Megalexis is proud to offer this service.

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