Marc-André Robitaille

Director, Translation

Like a Fish Out of Water!

Today, we managed to break the stereotype that language professionals are introverted as we held a Photoshoot for the web site with our Management team.

Michel, our General Manager, drove down from Gatineau to meet up with Charles (Vice-President, Business Development), Marc-André (Director, Language Services), Roxana (Director, Project Management), Lisanne (Rogue Consultant/Director of Administration and Security) and of course Ann Rutledge, our President. Everyone agreed to leave their work aside for a few hours to relax and let their inner fashion model come out – duck lips abstained.

When asked, not one person in the group could recall ever thinking, when they were back in school, that they would one day spend a few hours in a photography studio for work. It’s not every day you get your face powdered and makeup done… especially in our field. But everyone quickly adjusted and there were smiles all around.

Bringing out your inner child is not always easy for people, much less for language professionals. It requires a bit of creativity, to say the least! But it certainly helps when your coworkers are such a pleasure to work with. We managed to get everyone to smile for the camera, and if I do say so, we look pretty good! Check out the photos where we present our Leadership Team and see for yourself!


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