Lisanne Lawton

Vice-President, Finance and HR

5 Pro Content Creation Tips

Content is one of the trickiest things to get right the first time around. Here are 5 pro tips to avoid the usual pitfalls.


1. The Project Checklist: has every key player supplied their input to minimize delays?

You know this one, the new website is in beta mode and on-track to deliver, as promised, next week. But wait a minute, did anyone think about reviewing the content after upload? Mistakes are often added by human error, and it’s important to catch them before they have a detrimental effect on your sales strategy. It could mean the difference between selling to important customers and smelling important customers!

2. Localization: are you insulting your reader without even knowing it?

There was a case in 2009 of a major German automotive manufacturer naming its latest car the “white power” model. Sure the car was white and powerful, but a little sensitivity could have prevented a lot of insult. Check with a certified translator to make sure you get your story straight.

3. Budget: did you know that trusting certified professionals can save you money?

A Translation firm like Megalexis is accountable to its clients. We stand by the quality of our work by hiring Translators Certified in Canada. It’s an important step that lets clients know our employees have a degree from a recognized University, and minimum experience in the field to guarantee their work. It’s a seal of professionalism. How does this translate to savings for you? (Pun intended!) Well that’s easy, you won’t have any advertising mishaps with unforgiving and embarrassing typos, and that is worth its weight in gold.

4. Timing: are you hoping content will get done quickly so you can move onto the next project faster?

Make sure to plan accordingly, and leave plenty of room for creation, and creativity. Content is one of the lengthier aspects of a marketing strategy, and it’s important to stay on target. You may not realize it, but there can be a number of stakeholders involved who want to review and approve what gets published. Leave enough time for content creation, approvals, updates, more approvals and publishing in your workback schedule. This will give a more realistic portrait of the timeline.

5. Flexibility: Buffer! Buffer! Buffer!

Leave a buffer whenever possible for vacations, sick leave, natural disasters (you never know!), system outages and countless rounds of changes. If you keep a flexible mindset, coworkers will be fighting to get you on their team for the next project.

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