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Many companies have built success through proven methods of design, production and delivery. In the manufacturing field, a number of aspects predominate: 

  • Research and development of innovative products
  • Territory-based sales handled by an army of representatives
  • Product order entry
  • Optimal production
  • Effective distribution

Quality customer service 

The language industry as well involves the same aspects. Translation firms seek to maximize their efficiency by using computer-assisted translation (CAT) and computerized management. Through this process, projects are managed by competent people who use various software programs to perform their client service, translation, revision and billing tasks. 

But what about the client experience? How do you like to be served? 

All companies, like all the jobs they offer, have a direct dependence on their clients. In fact, a dissatisfied client will change suppliers and share their dissatisfaction with at least nine others. At Megalexis, we know why we are the firm of choice: our clients say so!

Here’s our recipe: A single point of contact!

Naturally, your coordinator is supported by a team of experienced translators, revisers, graphic designers and colleagues. By entrusting your projects to Megalexis, we ensure that we fully understand your needs before starting the project. Your coordinator, a true efficiency advisor, will be able to identify potential obstacles and suggest solutions for keeping costs to a minimum.

Our first-rate professionals deliver their best. They make the Megalexis offering a safe bet for building lasting business relationships

All of our processes are documented to ensure quality and continuous improvement. Sound management of business relationship development, rigorous quality assurance of language services, accurate low-cost invoicing, and business continuity ensured in the event of a disaster are all aspects of our promise: to expedite delivery of your message while maintaining quality. 

If your supplier doesn’t meet these criteria, ask yourself some questions. Is it perhaps time for a change?

I invite you to contact us to have the Megalexis client experience!

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