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New Leadership, Same Values.

Stop alienating others in the workplace. Use simultaneous remote interpreting - SRI.

2020 Retrospective: by stepping back, you move forward.

What is the weakest link? Where are your cybersecurity faults? In this article, we share the top 10 best practices for cybersecurity in translation that Megalexis has adopted.

Know the fundamentals and raise your service requirements.

Transcreation Spoonerisms: word play isn’t something you aim for—it just happens.

A grim fate and curses await those who call themselves language professionals!

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Get that click between you and your clients

Why do freelance translators prefer to work for a single client?

Consider safety and balance for your next job.

Smooth and seamless workflows equal better business.

Become a client of Megalexis for these reasons.

The medium is the message. In marketing, a translation is not as good as an adaptation.

Transgender Words, False Friends, Peculiar Un-Singularities and...

Real advice to reduce costs!

The differences between a Legal Translator and a Lawyer-Translator.

Match your originals both in format and content.

5 recommendations for publishing winning content.

Everyone offers quality. Time to clarify.

Behold! The glorious routine of the Translator.

Ever wonder how a translator feels at a photoshoot?

Glimpse into the world of our project management team.

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