Language Services
Translation and Adaptation

Make yourself heard and understood when you communicate in another language.
Unilingual Revision

We can revise your text, correct errors and return a clear, concise document.
Onsite Language Planning

We maintain excellent relationships with our clients' language services departments, founded on mutual respect and a spirit of partnership.

Whether you have to deal with past participles, official language policies, anglicisms, or criteria for hiring communications specialists, Megalexis offers expert consulting services provided by our experienced staff.
Quality at Megalexis is:

Not only satisfying our clients (our minimum criterion), but doggedly delighting them (our ideal criterion) by combining product and service quality.

As experts, we enhance the image of our profession by perfecting and building on our skills and knowledge.

Fast delivery, professional document handling, personalized service

A quality translation promotes open lines of communication with your target audiences, in their language of choice.

Megalexis’ dynamic team provides superior, certified language services based on national standards.

Our experienced language professionals all have university degrees in translation. You can count on Megalexis for long-term or short-term projects and emergencies.

To submit an online request and receive a quote, simply click and complete the following information. We acknowledge receipt and you will receive a personalized quote within 24 hours.

Article: What is quality?

How, without knowing the experience and knowledge of the supplier, can we judge the quality of the product or the service?

The answer is simple in theory, as long as the product that I get and the service I receive satisfy me. However, in practice, is the quality a simple matter of adequacy?

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